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Automatic Sliding Doors work example

About Us

Munster Automation was formed in 2012 by 2 likeminded fully qualified electrical contractors who had been installing and maintaining gates, barriers and doors for many years prior to that in conjunction with our electrical contracting business.  We quickly grew year on year incorporating all the latest technologies and innovations along the way to enhance our reputation as the leaders in our trade within Munster and beyond. Today we are the first called upon for both our experience and unrivalled knowledge in all things automated to ensure a professional aesthetic finish that both performs and maintains at the most competitive prices.

Digital Access Control System

Here at Munster Automation we know that every job is different and comes with unique challenges in terms of install location and particular requirements. We pride ourselves in treating each project with the dedicated attention it needs to ensure it performs as expected and maintains a low level of maintenance going forward. 

Personalised Approach

Access Control Swing Door work example
Automatic Barriers work example

Excellence and Professionalism

When it comes to Automation we are the leaders in our field. We can install just about any automated solution on the market in just about any location imaginable. Our vast knowledge and priceless experience mean that you get the best end result to your install at the most competitive price. 

Guaranteed and Insured

Automation is a specialised job process, all too often various tradesmen 'take a stab' at installing automated solutions but do not have the experience necessary to get the job done right. We then get the call to repair these inferior installations resulting in extra downtime and expense to clients. When we install your automated solution from the start we will guarantee it is done right and we will stand over that install for years to come.

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